The foyer now features two distinct areas; early Hukerenui history on the left when you walk in the door and an area celebrating our Matriarchs and an old fashioned kitchen/parlor on the right.

 The display of the Matriarchs includes family connections showing the different generations who are still connected to the land here.

Hukerenui at War

 We have recently made our war exhibit a permanent feature in our museum.  The volunteers have been busy researching our district hero's for the Roll of Honour.

There are separate displays for WW1 and WW2 and both feature individual soldiers stories covering different aspects of the war, from being wounded to years as a POW.



 The Railway exhibition has changed position to 'The End of the Line' and includes photos of the original station, work on the line and the early railway crews, with wonderful stories of accidents, fatalities and local antics as well as a display of railway equipment.


Our Current Exhibitions



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