Official Opening of the Building

On the 11th July the building was officially opened, to say thank you to all those who had been involved thus far. What a frantic 3 months it had been. From a shell in mid April, the building was turned into a museum. A huge team effort, partitioned, lined & painted. Displays crated, built and painted, shelving constructed & painted. Cream separators hefted around into place.

Stationary engines lifted by tractor and front end loader and transported to the museum, balanced and gently manouvered around with the help of a fork lift (in a museum!). 800 objects had been catalogued, cleaned, accessioned and photographed by an enthusiastic and happy group of local ladies. Clean up week transformed a building site into a museum. Invitations had been sent to the ASB Charitable trust, Pub charities, Oxford Trust, Lion Foundation and Whangarei District Council along with all those whom had given cash donation, materials, services and labour. In all 280 replied to the affirmative. On an overcast and bitterly cold day the crew gathered together a sound system, seating, cups, tables, rounded the sheep up out of the designated parking paddock.

Thank goodness it had not rained. Once again the community rallied to assist with the catering. The hall with, cups, urns & chairs, Rugby club, cups and chairs. The chairman welcomed the 260 people gathered, after a fine stint of piping by James Morris and Sam Moscrip, he gave an update of the progress to date and the future work to be done.

After the Mayor Stan Semenoff spoke, the building was blessed by Arnold Morgan. Lorraine, Jack’s wife spoke on Jacks behalf. Jack then cut the ribbon and declared the building open. 94 gold balloons years. To the sound of the bag pipes all trooped into the museum. What a proud day for Jack, the committee and community. Comments were really positive “I must come back when it is finished and open to the public” were heard many times. After a welcome cuppa to warm up, many went to have a sausage from the BBQ and a bevy at the local to wind up a marvelous day. The Community Spirit Lives On. The museum will be open to the public late September. Watch this space. Jack Morgan declares the museum 'officially open' Guests at the opening The building is blessed The Forge Guests inspect the displays Archive - development construction and fitout.


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